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How to Promote Your Instagram Account?

Promotion and maintenance of the account on Instagram requires a lot of time, patience, and unfortunately, not everyone has these resources. If you want to monetize your account, sell your goods, services or advertisements, you can use Instagram booster like XPLOD Social to help you get more followers. But if you are planning to pump your Instagram account on your own it is worth to get on this fast racing train, which is rapidly going away and it becomes more and more difficult to win a place in the sun. Read on to see what are those simple techniques that can help you gain more followers.


Account promotion on Instagram is somehow connected with hashtags. It seems that they were invented specifically for Instagram users. Sometimes people use hashtags instead of signing photos, but don’t forget that hashtags should be common to people, and not about one person.

Because #JackWentToTheSee under the photo will not bring you any results. Hashtag allows you to search for relevant content with the same hashtags. People search the hashtags and subscribe to the profiles they are interested in.
If you want to get new likes for your old photos, put new hashtags in the description and your old photos will be scattered, especially if the photos are united by a common theme.

Look for more targeted hashtags and don’t forget that it’s better to put no more than 3 hashtags, because putting too many hashtags is considered as bad manners.

Therefore, account holders usually put a lot of hashtags as a second comment to the post when it has already disappeared from the ribbon.
It is better to put hashtags in English, to attract a wider audience.

Likes, Mutual Subscription.

If a person visits your account, then go to his/her account, too, and like the photos, so he/she will see that you also need promotion and will not unsubscribe from you, because everyone needs likes.

Mutual Posting

Mutual posting is another tool that will answer the question “How to pump Instagram account from scratch?” For example, you and your friend decide to pump Instagram accounts, so, you do mutual posting, write about each other and get each other’s subscribers. In any case, everyone gets 200-300 subscriptions.

You can join the group of friends, for example, several people write about each other and link their friends’ profiles. This will help you to boost likes and get quite a few subscriptions.

Use Locations

Locations is another way to promote your Instagram account. You look for the location where some event took place, like other users’ photos, see what people write. Then you post your pictures using this location and your content also appears on the location among those people who were there. Some people will like your photos, and some will subscribe to you.

Viral Content

If you’ve made a post that everybody starts sharing for free and it gets into the recommendations, you’ll get a lot of subscribers for free.

Keep an eye on what the Instagram trends are in example: Healthy Lifestyle, feminism, relationships, fashion and shopping, beauty, etc. Be interested in news in general and particularly in your field. Create posts and stories on current topics. Also, you can always build something into your content to interest new people. Experiment!

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