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How To Make History Lessons Interactive

Not every student loves history, so it is essential for lessons to be engaging and full of fun while they are still providing valuable information. Teaching middle school students the mysteries of ancient civilizations and everyday lives of individuals who have lived in these empires is one way to capture their interest and make history come alive for them.

Interactive lessons make history interesting

With interactive lessons about ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and the Mayan Empire, students will learn fun facts and intriguing details about these important civilizations and how they have influenced the world students live in today. Provide a list of topics, students will randomly select to study individually or in pairs.

They’ll then use this information to create short presentations on their findings. Each group also should come up with 3 questions that can be compiled into a short quiz for each student to take at the end of a lesson. Most students enjoy learning about ancient Rome. Give students roles like a senator, a gladiator,a trainer or a farmer, and have them use the Internet to search for everyday lives of their people. They’ll also uncover details about the Colosseum and general facts about life in Rome. Students will take notes on their findings, creating notes of important information.

Engage students in every activity

Students will draw pictures of themselves in their assigned roles, also illustrating two items that can be important to them. The lesson ends with brief, informal briefings on students’ discoveries about individuals in Rome and their roles in the Colosseum. A lesson on Greek heroes and how they compare to modern heroes is a fantastic way to teach students in depth about these ancient figures. For this activity, students will need knowledge of several Greek heroes, and after that, as a class, they can brainstorm present day icons.

Create a list showing heroic qualities of both ancient and modern heroes, comparing and contrasting these two people. Students will individually write short essays on a modern hero they think the ancient greeks will most admire. On the other side of the Atlantic, the Maya were running their own empire and making their own contributions to modern technology. An activity on ancient artifacts can help students to discover more about it extremely advanced culture and how it carries on to impact the world. To do a lesson, prepare a list of Mayan artifacts – weapons, calendars, jewellery – for small groups of students to choose from.

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